Complaint on a Georgia Member Collection Agency or Law Firm

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To forward your complaint, we will need to give your name to the collection agency you are complaining 

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Keep a copy of this form for yourself. Return this original form to the Georgia Collectors Association at the address or fax number above. The filing of this complaint form is in addition to any of your legal rights and remedies.

By filing this complaint I give my authorization and consent directly to the collection agency against whom this complaint is made to disclose any information regarding me or any account bearing my name to the Georgia Collectors Association authorized staff and counsel for use in the Georgia Collectors Association Consumer Complaint program. I further consent and understand that the content of my complaint will be shared with the collection agency against whom this complaint is made.
I hereby certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Georgia that to the best of my knowledge all of the above statements are correct.

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